KSB Die Cutting was created in 2005.  My desire was to provide a high-end, quality product at a reasonable cost.  We started with 2 presses, a 1945 Kluge 12x18 and a 1955 Miehle Vertical 14x20 offering die cutting, creasing & perforating.  Today we offer a wide variety of services such as hot foil stamping, embossing, letterpress printing, laser die cutting, index tab cutting, round cornering and numbering.  We currently share a 13,000 square foot facility with a full service bindery.  Together we offer more services in one location than any other finishing house in Colorado!  


1 - 10x15 Heidelberg Windmill for letterpress printing, numbering and die cutting     1 - 13x19 Heidelberg Windmill GT for die cutting, hot foil stamping & embossing     2 - 14 x 20 Miehle Verticals for creasing, microperfing and die cutting                        1 - 10x15 Kluge for letterpress printing and numbering                                             1 - 12x18 Kluge for letterpress printing, die cutting and cold embossing                   1 - 12x18 Kluge for hot foil stamping, embossing and die cutting                               1 - 12x18 Kluge for cold embossing and die cutting                                                   1 - Scott Ten Thousand high speed index tab cutting machine                                  3 - round cornering machines

1 - 40 x 24 laser 

Looking for bindery?  Please check out our sister company below.


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